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DeFranco's Tyrofeine [NEW!]

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Tyrofeine is the simple yet brilliant brainchild of Joe DeFranco.

Back in 2001 Joe washed down two L-Tyrosine [amino acid] capsules with his morning coffee for the first time… The rest, as they say, is history! Joe went on to have one of the most productive mornings of his life (writing articles, designing programs and responding to twice as many voicemails as normal.) Later that day, he also had one of the best workouts of his life. He continued taking this caffeine/tyrosine concoction for the next few days to see if his first experience was just a fluke. It wasn’t! Joe felt a noticeable difference in his productivity and mood whenever he started his day with this powerful combo. He then began recommending this combo to his clients, friends & family members who all experienced similar results. Now, after 2+ decades, YOU too can experience the incredible benefits of this “dynamic duo” in one convenient capsule!

*Those who supplement w/ Tyrofeine report: 

  • Steady, “clean” energy [with no crash]
  • Improved mood & overall feeling of “well-being”
  • Increased strength & performance
  • Decreased appetite & sugar cravings

*Benefits of consuming caffeine in PILL form:

  • Specific dosing [less likely to over-consume]
  • No hidden/additional calories [sugars, syrups, creams, etc, that are commonly added to coffee]
  • Taste is a non-factor
  • Less likely to get dehydrated
  • Quicker consumption / More convenient
  • More cost-effective [compared to buying coffee at popular franchises]
  • Combining caffeine w/ tyrosine produces longer/sustained energy

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.