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DeFranco's Badass BCAA's

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DeFranco's Badass BCAA's contains a 4:1:1 ratio of the branched chain amino acids Leucine (3000mg), Isoleucine (750mg) & Valine (750mg). BCAA's have been shown to increase protein synthesis while inhibiting the breakdown of muscle cells.

Here are some other possible benefits of consuming our Badass BCAA's:

  • Muscle recovery & strength 
  • Delayed onset of fatigue
  • Improved glucose uptake
  • Improved insulin sensitivity 
  • Reduced muscular soreness from exercise
  • Immune system support

*DeFranco's Badass BCAA's contains an additional 1000mg of citrulline malate & 4000mg glutamine per serving.

[Comes in Pink Lemonade flavor.]